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Defining the space between your home and everywhere else. Brooklyn Diamond is a meeting place rooted in current culture. Each coffee bar has its own personality reflective of the neighborhood. Brooklyn Diamond is a place where people meet, cultivate relationships, and develop ideas. Its a place for people to step back from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy an exceptional beverage. 



Every product offered further reinforce the approach to lifestyle, allowing customers to take the experience home with them.

Bean growth and cultivation is based in underdeveloped countries with the core value of the coffee to be made from the best tasting and not so readily available bean. The result is a brand where all services and products embrace the importance of being happy, doing what you love, and of course, staying caffeinated. 



I started Brooklyn Diamond out of my very small New York City apartment a couple years ago with no plan nor aspirations. I loved coffee and I couldn’t find a coffee to satisfy, so i decided to brew my own. Coffee has always been a love of mine and Brooklyn Diamond was a passion project. I decided to share my home-made coffee with friends and soon word spread. 

To meet the overwhelming demand for what soon became “Brooklyn Diamond” cold brew coffee, I opened our first Brooklyn Diamond Coffee Bar in Brooklyn, where we not only sold bottled cold brew and packaged coffee beans, but also served customers the tastiest cups of coffee that they’ve ever had.  

We’ve grown into a small network of coffee bars, a custom coffee delivery service, and we have an extensive wholesale program. Brooklyn Diamond is dedicated to growing but also giving back; we offer exciting opportunities to our employees and emphasize charity within the communities we are connected.




Lottie Terzi

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